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Five Corners Improvement District(Formerly Harris County Improvement District No. 10B)
P.O. Box 22167

Houston, TX -7722
Contact: David c/o Hawes Hill Calderon LLP
Phone: (713)595-1200 Fax: (713)595-1276
Email: dhawes@hhcllp.com
Updated as of: 1/29/2014

Chapter 3860, Texas Special District Local Laws Code; H.B. No. 4795, 81st Legislature, Regular Session, 2009.

Promote, develop, encourage, and maintain employment, commerce, transportation, housing, tourism, recreation, arts, entertainment, economic development, safety, and the public welfare in the area formerly known as Harris County Improvement District No. 10B in the City of Houston.

Determined by Board.

14 Directors appointed by majority vote of the Mayor and City Council from persons recommended by the board. To be qualified to serve as director, a person must be at least 18 years old and be:
(1) A resident of the district
(2) An owner of the property in the district;
(3) An owner of stock whether beneficial or otherwise, of a corporate owner of property in the district;
(4) An owner of beneficial interest in a trust that owns property in the district; or
(5) An agent, employee, or tenant of a person covered by Subdivision (2), (3), or (4).
The City shall make appointments to the board so that places on the board are occupied by persons with experience
in one or more of the following areas:
(1) Energy matters;
(2) Commercial banking;
(3) Real estate development;
(4) Finance and insurance matters;
(5) Matters relating to retail or the provision of services;
(6) Provision of utilities; or
(7) General issues the district will address.

TERM: Four years - staggered. The terms of Directors appointed to even-numbered positions expire June 1, 2009, and odd-numbered positions expire June 1, 2011.
CHAIRPERSON: Elected by membership.
QUORUM: Majority of the Board.
COMPENSATION: Voting Directors may receive fees of office and reimbursement of expenses as provided by Section 49.060 Texas Water Code.

Entity is NOT included in the financial reporting for the City of Houston.

Member NamePosition #Chair
Sonia Ochoa-Gonzales01 
Homer Clark02 
Rita Thompson Foretich03 
Richard Gonzalez04 
Melva Thornton05 
Edward Arnes Teamer06 
Vernon N. Smith07 
Nina K. Springer08 
Dula Abdu09 

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